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We are a professional installer of Hardwood flooring, Carpeting, vinylflooring ceramic, laminate, and counter tops.

We serve customers in the Northern Virginia & Washington DC Metroarea including: Fairfax VA, Fairfax Station, Chantilly, Centreville,Clifton, Burke, Vienna and Springfield Virginia VA.

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Take a moment and imagine how nice it would feel to come home and see brand new floor covering spread throughout your residence. Have you ever sat in a new car and smelled the freshness of the new car smell? Know the feeling? The same effect can be achieved in your home as well.

Luxurious Floor Covering Solutions

Flooring does not Last Forever.

There comes a time when something has to be done about the worn carpet, the tattered vinyl, the aging tile or the damaged wood flooring. Even if the floor is still in fairly good condition, it may be that you desire a change, or, if you have moved into a new home, that you do not share the former owner's taste in color scheme and flooring choice.

Selecting flooring material is one of the key decisions you will make when decorating your home. Since the floor is the next largest surface in room after the walls, you'll want to give it same careful thought that you give any other design component. The correct flooring installation can augment the color scheme and the overall look of the decor.

As you review your flooring choices, consider that some can be mixed & matched for a creative and interesting design scheme that combines inexpensive and expensive types of flooring. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), for example might be bordered by wood, or inexpensive carpeting might provide a colorful border to existing flooring surfaces.

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We are here to answer your questions. Let our experts at D&S Floor Covering, Inc. help to select the proper flooring with colors, patterns and styles that will visually enhance your room’s décor. We can help you invest in the future. D&S Floor Covering in Fairfax Station is just a short drive from Centreville, Chantilly, Burke, Vienna, Springfield, and Fairfax Virginia.

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